Flatbed printers can be used in several ways. It can use to save you old photos to sending important papers to even someone who is miles away from you. It is very important and useful thing to have. But with coming of windows 10, some old gadgets might not work properly because new softwares have new features which can’t keep up with the new ones. This is a disappointing fact but no one can do much about it. To solve that issue we introducing you some of the best flatbed scanners which can work with windows 10. It will throw out the trouble of choosing which one will work and which one will not.

1ST BEST CHOICE 1ST BEST CHOICE Epson perfection V550 photo scanner
  • :Automatically Upload to Cloud Services
  • : 1-Touch Scan/Copy/PDF
  • :Scan Multiple Photos at Once
  • :6400 x 9600 dpi Resolution
  • :Built-in Transparency Unit
  • :One-Touch Easy Photo Fix
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2ND BEST CHOICE 2ND BEST CHOICE Epson Perfection V370 Document Scanner
  • :Scan-to-Cloud
  • :4800×9600 dpi Optical Resolution
  • :Built-In Transparency Unit
  • :Ready Scan LED – No Warm-up Time
  • :High Rise Lid For Large Items
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3RD BEST CHOICE 3RD BEST CHOICE Epson Perfection V600 Flatbed Scanner
  • :Good For Colour Photos, Film, Negatives, Documents
  • :Scan, Copy, Scan to Email/PDF
  • :OCR Reader
  • :6400 x 9600 dpi Resolution
  • :Built-in Transparency Unit
  • :One-Touch Easy Photo Fix
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  • :Fast Scanning: Up To 20 Pages/Min
  • :Does Not Work for Large Items
  • :Load Up To 50 Pages at Once
  • :Energy Star Certified (Auto-Off Technology)
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5TH BEST CHOICE 5TH BEST CHOICE Plustek A3 Flatbed Scanner 118
  • :Best Large Flatbed Scanner (A3 Size)
  • :Fast Scan (A3 Colour: 15s, A3 Grayscale: 9s)
  • :No Warm-up LED Source
  • :Relatively Expensive
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6TH BEST CHOICE 6TH BEST CHOICE Canon LiDE120 Colour Image Scanner
  • :Scan-to-Cloud
  • :2400×4800 dpi Resolution
  • :High-Speed 16 Second Scans
  • :Advanced Z-Lid Expansion Top For Large Items
  • :Auto Scan Mode Recognises File Type
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7TH BEST CHOICE 7TH BEST CHOICE Canon CanoScan 9000F Colour Image Scanner
  • :Automatic Scratch & Dust Removal
  • :Zero Warm-up Time
  • :Film/Slide Holder Included
  • :Buttons May Not Work with Windows 10 / Software Controls Scanner
  • :Older Technology But Does Nice Job
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Flatbed Scanners Buying Guide

There are various thing that you should keep in mind while buying a flatbed scanner. By considering certain things you will able to get the best thing. Also consider how much you have to usr flatbed scanner. For instance if you have to use it rarely that is once or twice in two weeks then you can use you mobile phone for that purpose. Or you can go to your local shop to scan the documents but it can be expensive. But if you have to use it frequently, then you should consider a proper scanner. Moreover, if you have to use it for your office settings then there is no better choice than flatbed scanners. There should be no doubt in your mind to choose modern flatbed scanner who can work properly on latest softwares such as windows 10.

There are number of things to look for choosing a flatbed scanner which can include its features, price, specifications, customers review etc. Selection of flatbed scanners can also depends on your usage. You don’t beet to get expensive scanner if you only use it for sending documents to your clients or your friends. One thing is necessary to keep in mind that choose those which are compatible to windows 10. These following things you should consider while buying flatbed scanner.

Purpose of buying Flatbed Scanners

The first thing that should come into your mind is for what purpose do you need a windows 10 flatbed scanner. Identify first do you need it for office usage or you just need it to save old negatives or sending emails to your loved ones. Because there are different types of flatbed scanners are present with different features and every products has its some positives and negatives.

Flatbed Scanners Features

Since there are many flatbed scanners in the market with different features, so choose on whose feature are most suitable to you. For example some scanner have high resolution powers while other can scan documents in no time. Some flatbed comes with the special feature of Optical Character Recognition and others have the features of extended lid. One thing make sure choose one which is compatible to windows 10.

Customers Feedback

Feedbacks of customers can play a very important role while choosing a flatbed scanner. It gives you a lot of information about the product. Because these are basically the experiences and opinions of those people who have used these products which helps you to choose the best flatbed scanner.   In old times people used to go to retail shop to get these things and check the product physically.

But now a days most of the people shopped these products online therefore these reviews can play a very important role. So we can get plenty of important information about the product with the help of these feedbacks.


This means how much your willing to pay to get a flatbed scanners for windows10. It can depends on your using patterns of flatbed scanner. Different prices for different flatbed scanners are available in the market ranging from 150$ to 1000 $. The price is also related to features. The more features a flatbed printer have the more it costs. So identify your usage first and then choose wisely according to your need.


We hope you have enough enough information about different flatbed scanners which to choose according to your requirements. After reading our review surely you would be wondering why you don’t have your own flatbed scanner. Just make sure whichever you choose, it should be compatible to windows 10. Once you buy the product, you can easily understand how to use it even you are using it for the very first time. For that purpose just go to that “support” and click. You will get your required information about how to connect it with windows 10 etc.

On the basis of reviews and feedbacks, Epson perfection V600 is the best flatbed scanners for windows10 by far. It has all the ingredients of a good flatbed scanner in a decent price. It has all the necessary features at one place. You can scan your old photos and negatives as well as document with this. All these features make it the best flatbed scanner.